The “Almost” Incident

Towards the end of our tour I got in more trouble, I don’t recall what, but I was sentenced to a special work detail in one of the holds. The day before my work detail a friend came up to me and told me that the Sergeant of the Guard was planning on beating me down in the hold. He asked me to let the Sergeant take one punch. Then several Marines would spring out from concealment in the hold and beat down the Sergeant, in my defense. They felt he was busing his power and needed to be taught a lesson.

Someone got wind of the plan and told the Master Sergeant. We had lost our LT and the Master Sergeant was temporarily in charge of our unit. He called a formation and then tried to resolve the matter. He called for people to speak up about any problems they had. No one spoke.

He said, “How about you Moe? You always have something to say” To which I calmly replied, ”Time for talking is done”. He was all, “Let’s not be like that”, but no one had anything to say. I never did that work detail. It was called off and never rescheduled.

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