Tennessee Miscellaneous

A few interesting shots that didn’t have much in common with any other shots. Trees, cows, sheep, and an old barn. Some extra shots to share with you from my Tennessee trip.

Being totally bored and having no car to go picture hunting, I took drastic measures. I took pictures of the trees behind my daughters house. I was wanting to work on my exposures, sunset and all.

Then, one day I got to borrow my daughter’s car and make a trip down to Tullahoma. Woohoo! On my way down Hwy 269 I found this field of cows.

Now, you may not have noticed or just not thought it was out of the ordinary, but when I approached these cows they were all laying down. As I approached, one of the cows in the front and one in the back got up and turned their backs to me! Kind of like “Here, take a picture of THIS!”

The really weird part came later after I left these cows, it seemed as if every animal I saw after that had his/her bottom pressed up against the fence facing me! I thought about taking pics to document this weird behavior – but then thought people might think it was strange to go around taking pictures of farm animals bums! Hahahahaha

Now these sheep are not a great picture. Only worth taking for one reason, the ram. I stopped next to this field to take pictures of the stream on the other side of the road, but then I noticed these sheep. And the Ram noticed me. He put himself between me and the flock and stayed there as I walked down the road. When I came back he had moved the flock back from the road and didn’t notice me coming back.

Here are some enlargements to show how, when he noticed me, he grouped the sheep back together and parked himself on MY side of the flock.

The Ram is the one on the left of the first pic, and the one on the right in the second pic. (big black face with horns) I just thought it was interesting that even inside a fenced field he felt the need to be protective.

And then as I was getting back into my car, I spotted this barn in the field next door.

* Extra Pics *

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