One of THOSE Dads

You know, it’s not like I ever DID anything to one of them, but boys just preferred to meet my daughter somewhere, Or pick her up at the Road end of our driveway. Okay there were “stories”, that I’m sure got a little blown out of proportion.

Like the “time I took a tire iron to a bus boy for JUST talking about my daughter” hehehehe
Hey, I didn’t actually hit him with it! And I was laughing, although they tell me it looked more like I was insane. Okay, here’s the REAL story.

This was soon after my divorce. I was having lunch in my favorite Mexican Restaurant with a buddy. Everything was cool. But as we were paying our bill, one of the bus boys started talking “smack” in Spanish. I thought he was talking smack about my ex wife, trying to see if it would bother me, and it didn’t. But just as we turned to walk away, he said something else in Spanish, but used the word “daughter” this time.

As we were leaving, my buddy was harassing me about that guy talking smack about my daughter. All the guys who spoke Spanish laughed. Well, I had just had to change a tire like the day before and my tire iron was just laying there in the Van. I picked it up and told my buddy I should use it on that guy. He said I didn’t have the sand. I headed back into the restaurant.

I had it laid up against my leg when I came through the door, that bus boy was clearing out a booth right there by the door. So I just walked over to him and wrapped my left arm around his shoulders, holding him tight against me. I said “I wanna know if you were talking about my ex wife or my daughter! If you were talking about my ex wife, that’s okay. But if you were talking about my DAUGHTER…” That’s when I pulled out the tire iron. “We are gonna have to have some words!” Here’s where I laughed. Witnesses said that I was laughing maniacally, waving that tire iron over my head, and hanging on to that bus boy as he was desperately trying to flee for his life.

You should have seen his eyes! hahahaha I didn’t mean for him to flee the State. I didn’t think he would take it seriously. I mean, I was just having fun. But he, and a lot of other people, did take it seriously. Then my daughter’s friends didn’t know just quite to make of me.

Maybe it was some of those “other stories”. Yeah, technically, you COULD say that I emptied an entire clip at my own brother once. But THAT was FUNNY!!! Well, probably not so much for HIM at the time. But it WAS funny. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

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