New Mexico – Day 6 (Final Day)

Taos to home.

Day 6 would end up being our last day in New Mexico. Our plans called for an optional day for day 7. We could either go home or take another day, giving up our day of recovery before my brother had to go back to work. As it turned out, the roads pretty much made our decision for us.

We spent the morning travelling through the mountains around Taos. Like the “Enchanted Circle”, a scenic drive that goes AROUND the mountains in a big circle. Once again, some of the roads we took we less than thoroughfares while others were quite nice.

ALL of the roads provided excellent scenery. Along with a welcome change in the temperature from the desert floor to these altitudes.

Throw in a cold mountain stream and the vast dry areas of New Mexico sink into memories.

Finally, we break free of the mountains. First to high plains. Then back down to desert floor.

Oh yeah! THIS road, which leads out the NorthEast corner of New Mexico, had a sign where the pavement ended. It said something like “No services next 17 miles. Road may be impassible in inclement weather” and they meant it! There wasn’t so much as a house for the next 17 miles and we didn’t see pavement again until we reached the border. Talk about feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere.

and then the sun sets on a wonderful week touring New Mexico.

* Extra Pics *

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