Medicine Lodge area

On our next trip we headed out to the Medicine Lodge area. My brother just took delivery on his new Toyota FJ Cruiser 4×4 and we wanted a good trip to break it in on. There, we found a peaceful group of Buffalo taking in the afternoon sun.

Apparently, a “bull” didn’t appreciate our proximity and spent the whole time pushing “cows” away from us. The whole time he made these gutteral sounds. They didn’t seem threatening, just very deep and very forceful and seemed directed more at the “cows” than us. But it did make me very conscious of the fact that just 3 small strands of wire separated me from that “bull”. Something I’m sure he would have no trouble with, if he took the notion.

Next we found an unusual expanse of water, peaceful, green, and cool in the near desert terrain.

We also found this very unique ant hill. I didn’t recognize it as an ant hill at first. It just looked like a pile of gravel. But upon closer inspection, it seems these ants were collecting these small stones to make their hill “very interesting”.

As usual, we found ourselves FAR from the beaten path. Here, we pulled over for a minute to debate following the sparse trail that had been our road. We could see tires tracks, old ones, so we decided to press on. After about a mile, the tracks just faded away. We even got out on foot and searched the area, but the road was gone. So we had to turn around. To quote one of “our sayings”; “Just because a road is a dead end, doesn’t mean there is nothing down it”!

As usual, we got to see some awesome scenery.

* Extra Pics *

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