Love me Little – © 1993

A piece about two people who can’t seem to give the kind of Love the other one needs.

Once again, a reality piece. I wrote this around the time of my Divorce. I was very logic driven and she was very emotionally driven. In the end, neither of us could give what the other needed.

excerpt from “Love me Little” by Robert Herrick – 1919

“You say to me-wards that your affection’s strong.
Pray, love me little, so you may love me long.”

Love me Little – © 1993

No raging blaze of passion there.
He stoked the flames with measured care.
With thrift and skill, it’s plain to see
Those flames could last eternally.

No searing heart would scorch his heart.
No pyre of passion get its start.
Instead he sought to warm his soul
With tiny flames and glowing coals.

But love’s two-sided we all know.
As his flames shrank, hers did grow.
He shared her warmth and saved his fuel.
He thought him wise, and her the fool.

“Years from now when her flame’s gone,
We’ll use my fuel and still love long.”
Through years he came to like the cool,
But she just kept on adding fuel.

So this kept going on until
He cursed her heat. She damned his chill.
When there was nothing left to say
They broke the bond. She walked away.

Through out the room from floor to top
Are rows of fuel that just don’t stop.
But he wouldn’t use it, wouldn’t dare.
That fuel was stacked up there to share.

He sits and stokes the coals till dawn.
A chill cuts deep and then moves on.
Another day, a test of wills.
Another night, the cold that kills.

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