A group of us boys went exploring one day and found ourselves down by a river with a small dam going across it. It was maybe 3 feet tall with a small but steady flow over the top. I recall it was NOT intimidating at all.

So we played on the dam for a while – dramatic recreations of sword battles over the moat – breathtaking deaths splashing into the water – looking back, it was truly magical…

But THEN someone noticed that something was stuck to his foot. We all crowded around to see what was attached to his foot. But as we all looked down, we ALL saw things stuck to ALL of us! Then someone screamed “LEECHES!” with such conviction that it immediately became necessary for EACH of us to ALSO start screaming and trying to get the leeches off without actually TOUCHING one of them! It must have looked absolutely comical!

Of course, next came the “awkward moment”. “I can’t SEE – are there any on my BUTT?” No one wanted to look, but no one was willing to leave a comrade’s “behind” behind. . . hahahahaha

We never went back to that dam.

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