Grass Fire!

While tooling thru the countryside we get a rare opportunity to photograph a Kansas Grass Fire. Up Close!

You have seen the results of grass fires, now is your chance to see one! Here it comes, and there it goes!

I’m sorry, did you blink? That’s okay, I got the pics.

But don’t get TOO excited, it wasn’t a runaway grass fire. This farmer/rancher and his two girls were lighting the field on fire, a controlled burn. We could see the smoke from grass fires just like this all over the countryside, but this was the only fire we could get to.

I intentionally took their pictures from a distance so as not to intrude on their privacy. They know who they are, and they can point at the picture and say “Look Mommy! Thats ME!” (But if the Father does it, it will just be weird hahahahaha)

Oh yeah, I took all the pictures from the side of the road, so I really wasn’t in any kind of danger, although it did get kinda warm here and there. I did have to watch where I stood to take my pics, didn’t want my boots to melt! lol

* Extra Pics *

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