GI Ville – The Flood

This would probably have been 3rd grade. We were definitely living in GI Ville. There was a terrible storm that frightened a lot of people. The water rose pretty steady all over the area. Yards, parking lots, streets were all under water. My Dad and another man wanted to scout the area. Somehow I talked them into taking me along. The water may have only been knee high on them, but it felt more like waist deep to me.

There really wasn’t much of any current and we walked down, well, where the street was supposed to be. I had pretty much gotten over my fear and was enjoying being out with the big guys.

Then suddenly there was no ground underneath me. I flailed and kicked as I sank under the water. I kept thinking there should be something under my feet, but I never touched bottom. Then a hand grabbed my shoulder and pulled me up out of the water. I had discovered the manhole in the street missing it’s cover and my Dad discovered it was probably not such a good idea for “us” to be out there.

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