I did NOT SKIP any grades!

I did NOT SKIP any grades . . .

The facts of the matter are that I was reading by the age of 4. I was born well into the school year; so typically, I would not start kindergarten until the year AFTER I turned 5. But my mother was a determined individual and finally demonstrated to them that I was capable of handling my ABC’s and I was allowed to attend kindergarten despite my late birthday.

The following year I was still very much intrigued by school and would spend my recesses in the coat hall studying some subject or other. By the end of the first semester I had completed all the advance work the teacher could find. Once again, my mother stepped in, there was a conference, and I found myself sitting BETWEEN the first and second grade classes. By the end of the school year I had caught up with the second grade and was allowed to “graduate” from the second grade.

So – I started kindergarten when I was 4
I started first grade when I was 5
I stared second grade after I turned 6
I started third grade when I was still 6

But in third grade – something snapped

had my first “run-in” with a teacher
skipped my first class
got my first paddling
and it’s been downhill ever since – lol

I DID still manage to finish high school a month after turning 16 – and attended TWO colleges while I was still 16.

BUT – I NEVER SKIPPED A GRADE! I did every one of them!

Of course since then, I’ve attended 8 Colleges or Universities, was a High School Teacher for a few years, and STILL don’t have a degree – hahahahaha
(but that’s a whole ‘nother story)

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