Time to Go!

Time to go!

Grandpa John and Grandma Jennie – Wichita, KS

When Grandpa wanted to go somewhere, he wanted to GO. My Grandma, on the other hand, would not be rushed. This is the way it would go. . .

Grandpa would set the deadline, “We are leaving in 5 minutes!” Grandma would quietly and peacefully go about her business. After pacing around for 4 minutes Grandpa would announce, “I’m getting the car!” and head out to the garage. Grandma would still be finishing up whatever she was doing, seemingly unconcerned. Grandpa would back the car out to the end of the driveway, next to the porch to pick her up. She wouldn’t be there. After a minute Grandpa would back out and drive away. Grandma would collect her bag and coat and head for the door.

Grandpa drove around the block, ONCE. Grandma would always be standing at the curb all ready to be picked up. Good thing too, because Grandpa would always tell her how he would have just driven off and left her if she hadn’t been standing there.

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