Welcome ‘back’ to MoeTrain.com. When I began re-posting old stuff I was surprised to ‘discover’ that MoeTrain has been around since 2005! I had no idea that much time had passed, or that I had over 200 posts (over 300 now)! So let me give you the quick tour.

Purpose of this site:
This site is my digital “memory box”. It began as a way for me to share my photographs and adventures, and has grown into an online repository for the story that is ME. Hopefully one day my great grandchildren will be able to peer back in time to my life and the World that I lived in.

Main Sections:
General Babbling – Closest thing to an actual Blog – only place comments are allowed
Photo/Travel Blogs – Travel with me as I go places, see things, and have adventures
Writings – Collection of poems, songs, and stuff written by me (Not saying they’re good)
Memoirs – Collections of memories from Childhood thru Old Age. The story if ME.

ALL old content has been restored, with the exception of the Photo/Travel Blogs. Those are being re-posted in their original chronological order. These take the most effort to migrate into WordPress and I saved them for last.

Once all the old photo blogs have been re-posted, I still have 3 years of photos that never even made it to the blogs. So there will eventually be NEW content on MoeTrain! Unbelievable!

Well, that’s not entirely true. The memoirs section grows from time to time as I add new stories. I also have a couple new sections I’d like to add if I get the chance. Want to give my descendants (and internet voyeurs) the most complete picture I can, you know.